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Tax Efficiency

Eliminate 20% or more of your taxes

You can save tens or hundreds of thousands in taxes even if you already have a CPA or financial advisor.

How is Tax Efficiency Planning different from Tax Preparation?

Tax Efficiency Planning

The process of evaluating a person’s life, business, investments, and regulatory requirements to legally reduce their taxes.

  • Investment with an ROI
  • Typically completed before year end
  • Legal reduction of taxes

Tax Preparation

The process of preparing tax returns for submission to the IRS.

  • Cost (CPA, tax filing fees)
  • Completed after year end
  • Legal compliance

What does Tax Efficiency Planning cover?


Deductions Review


Legal Entity Structure Optimization


Legal Loopholes


Tax Amendments


TCJA Updates


Secure Act Updates


Niche Specific Strategies


Current and Future Projections

Even if you didn't...

  • Increase income
  • Reduce expenses
  • Grow your business
  • Reduce your lifestyle

Tax efficiency planning still saves you thousands on its own.

The Process

Day 1

Initial Meeeting

Day 1

Initial Meeting


Day 3

Questionnaire &

Day 5*

Strategy call,
Estimate, & Contract

Week 3-4

Plan Delivered

As Needed

Follow up call

Within 48hrs

Questionnaire, Documents, & Sync

Day 5*

Kick off call, Estimate, & Contract

Week 3-4

Plan Delivered

As Needed

Follow up call

*You will know your estimated tax savings prior to making any payment or commitment.

When working to raise your bottom line, don't forget to look below it.  Reducing taxes is a surefire way to increase available cash.

Robert Fehlen, Founder of Atmos Planning


20% of Estimated Year 1 Savings

Capped at $6,500

Reduce your relationship with the IRS and start legally saving thousands.

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