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Personal CFO

The Personal CFO Model

A ground-breaking partnership for business owners and real-estate investors.

With business growth comes complexity – more taxes, more customers, more team members - but inevitably less time.  Outside of your business, you have goals for a new house, another rental property, that vacation your spouse is dying for, a legacy for your children.  How do you tie all of these seemingly competing goals together?

Have you ever played the board game, “Risk”?

Having your sights set on global domination becomes frustrating if you don’t have a strategy, but there are thousands of different ways you could approach the game.

You could retreat into the relatively easy to defend Australia, or you could try to take over as many countries as possible.

You could work to hold a small piece of each continent, or you could narrow your focus to a select few countries.

Regardless of the strength of your strategy though, you can’t predict the roll of the dice or the human component of your opposition, so where do you start?

How do you adapt? How do you ensure that the outcome aligns with your global vision?

From Board Games to Business

You are a successful business owner.  Even if you don’t see it yet, that’s how we see you.  Your company is growing, or you are planning for that next big leap of growth.

You have a vision that goes way beyond just yourself.

Complexity is a natural byproduct of growth, and through years of conversations with visionary entrepreneurs, we discovered that they were underserved and often overwhelmed when it came to the unforeseen complexities of business.

We listened to hundreds of visionary business owners, and here is what we heard them say.

  1. I have too much on my plate.
  2. There’s too little time to manage it all.
  3. I feel stuck in a sea of advice and information.

The Entrepreneur's Opportunity

They started a company so that they could do more of what they love, control their future, and make an impact on the world around them, yet the more successful their business became, the more of their time was stolen.

Forced to wear too many hats in their organization, they lose sight of their dream and their vision and are forced to work in their business instead of on their business.

Our belief is this:

All issues, setbacks, success, and achievement in business come down to three things:  Time, Money, and Mindset.

Our job is to help create the money and the time.  Your job is to bring the mindset.

With that combination, visionaries can dream again.

The Personal CFO Solution

What if when you played “Risk,” you had an earpiece and a partner behind the scenes with a team, software, knowledge, and strategic experience.

With each change of the game - each setback or success – your partner and their team runs the probability of you achieving your vision.

They partnered with you to offer the best adjustments to your strategy, and they had the numbers to prove that it worked.

A Personal CFO is a strategic planning partner dedicated to maximizing your net worth, income, and impact.

We realized that entrepreneurs were asking their financial advisor what entity they should set up for their business, asking investment portfolio advisors for real estate advice, discussing the best retirement account to set up with their insurance broker, and relying on their bookkeeper for the best tax planning advice.

It’s extremely difficult to have a unified financial picture when all of your financial consultants are viewing your situation differently.

When it comes to your business and personal finances, there are a lot of decisions and items to manage.

Here are just a few:

Revenue, Cost of sales, Operating expenses, Net profit, Taxes, Post-tax net profit, Asset protection, Wealth accumulation, Business valuation, and Retirement.

For our clients, the strategies and decisions made around these items range from thousands to multi-million dollar decisions year over year.

So how are Business owners managing their financial picture today?

In this all too common scenario, the business owner has to manage all the various inputs of advice, data, and recommendations.

We knew there had to be a better way.

From research, client conversations, and planning, the Personal CFO model emerged as the missing service for Entrepreneurs.

Structure of the Personal CFO Model

We help you understand the story in all of your numbers so you can make actionable decisions while creating exponential impact for the people and causes you love.

We use 3 Key financial metrics and 1 personal metric to set and reach your vision.

  1. Revenue
  2. Net Profit
  3. Net Worth
  4. Quality of life

These metrics guide the roadmap that we create and follow.

We meet multiple times throughout the year on a scheduled basis and as needed.  We meet not only with you but also with your team and other individuals key to your personal and business picture.

Because we are objective partners, we can help you optimize growth in every asset you own, your human capital, and the enterprise value.

Since these are the largest financial levers that you can pull, we focus primarily on developing them to increase your net worth and impact year over year.

What's possible?

What would be possible if every asset you owned, every goal you had, every dollar you used, worked in harmony?

What would be possible if you could spend more time in revenue-generating activities or time with the family instead of managing your personal and business finances?

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