We empower visionary entrepreneurs to pursue what they love while building personal and meaningful wealth.


About Atmos

We facilitate collaboration and discovery so that visionaries can achieve exponential impact while attaining personal and meaningful wealth.

How we're different

People hire us to maximize their net worth, impact, and quality of life while reducing their relationship with the IRS.  That’s it.

We don’t have products to sell other than achieving what you want in life. It’s simple, and we prefer it that way.

We believe in a collaborative world where innovation can flourish, lives are transformed, and both intellectual and financial wealth is grown and shared.

Robert Fehlen, Founder of Atmos Planning

Our Story

Our team has a diverse array of experience in finance, business, real estate, tax planning, private equity, and more.

Along the way in each of our professional careers we realized there must be a better way to impact business owners and real estate investors.

While we started this journey in different ways, we all have a core belief that we grow faster together.

Our Values

We think like other people won't.

We maximize value in everything we do.

We believe associates are our greatest asset.

We create story-worthy experiences.

We are perpetually expanding our impact

The Social Mission

“Nationally, there is a shortage of more than 7 million affordable homes for our nation's 11 million plus extremely low-income families.”

We believe that housing should mean much more than a cheap place to rent.  That’s why we are dedicating 10% of company profits to Affordable “Home”ing projects as a launching pad towards self-actualization for those in need.

Why "Atmos?"

"Atmos" - like "atmosphere" - represents the highest boundary of something. That's why in every interaction with our partners, we're always asking, "What's possible?"

With the right advice, connections, and strategies, how high could you go?

Meet the team

Robert Fehlen

Founder/Personal CFO

A prior Head Analyst on a $2.5 Billion private equity portfolio and a financial planner, Robert discovered a gap in the market for business owners and real estate investors in the financial industry. From this, Atmos Planning was born.

Outside of Atmos, Robert enjoys playing the piano, spending time hiking with his wife and two children, and volunteering through various organizations in the community.

Causes Robert cares about

Affordable "Home"ing
Financial education gap for highschoolers

Jason Edwards

Personal CFO

After building a successful financial advising practice, Jason joined Atmos Planning as a Personal CFO.

As a business owner himself (founder of Public Square Coffee), Jason truly understands our clients' needs and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

In his free time, he enjoys building lego sets with his kids, mentoring at Life Challenge Ministries, and relaxing with a good book.

Causes Jason cares about

Human trafficking
Addiction rehab

Precious Murphy

Social Media Manager

In 2020, Precious Murphy decided to leave the music education space and become a book seller on Instagram.

Through this, she learned how to serve people using social media and now uses those same skills as Atmos Planning’s social media manager.

When she's not creating Atmos Planning content, Precious creates videos for her personal platforms, thrifts used books, and allows fellow readers shop her home library.

Causes Precious cares about

Mental health
Holistic living

Daniel Kraak

Partner and Personal CFO

After building a successful financial planning practice, Daniel Kraak joined Atmos Planning as a Personal CFO.

Prior to starting his own practice, Dan served as an Army officer, earned an MBA from Notre Dame.

In his free time, he enjoys all the hiking and breweries that Colorado has to offer and watching college/professional sports with his wife, Calli.

Causes Daniel cares about

Helping veterans succeed

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