Atmos Planning nourishes the big visions of legacy-driven entrepreneurs through a Personal CFO model that does what other planning companies can't.

Entrepreneurs Everywhere

We’ve spent countless hours talking to entrepreneurs about their businesses. We heard many energizing things about what their business does, customers they do it for, and the people that make it happen. When we asked questions about what they wanted outside of their business, in life, and with their families, we heard one resounding source of confusion. Their wealth was their biggest source of stress and confusion.

The Asteroid Belt

Entrepreneurs everywhere grapple with many different needs and a plethora of resources to help. The fragmentation of needs and resources creates chaos and confusion. Entrepreneurs feel like they’re flying through an asteroid belt.

Personal CFO Services

When was the last time each resource sat at the same table and worked together? As your Personal CFO, we sit on your side of the table with you to make it all work for you and your business. We can see the entire solar system and go where others aren’t allowed. We help align the asteroids in the asteroid belt to give you a clear path to wealth.

The first four stops in the Client Voyage

Strap in!  Here's what to expect when working with us.


Douse Solar Flares

Solve the burning problems and build a great financial foundation for the future of the business.


Define the Destination

Take time to define what you want in business and in life so we can develop a path to success.


Define the Route

Strategic planning is the only way to organize the asteroid belt.


Navigation System

Continue to travel the route and measure along the way. There may be course corrections needed to reach the destination.

We'd love to hear about your voyage as an entrepreneur thus far.

Sometimes it helps to stop and ask for directions.

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